A colleague of mine used to look at me when I asked a question on the periphery of the topic and say "what's the matter, Blondie, see a shiny thing?" 

As a matter of fact, yes.  Yes, I looked outside of the problem, issue, topic and found a shiny thing.  I found an idea, a suggestion, a distraction from the circular thinking we were trapped within. 

Those shiny thing moments can bring about harmful distraction, but can also open our eyes to innovation. It's all about the focus.

I love sending the "shiny things" proposals to my leader with a hey, take a look at this idea, this solution, this business case. Having a leader who understands that ideas and discussion  -  shiny things can help us build success to grow our business, and being empowered to appreciate and share shiny things I see......priceless.


I participate in Pecha Kucha events to challenge myself.  It is a fun, fast paced dance through telling a story in 6 minutes and 40 seconds.  Also called 20x20, the presentation format is to get your message across with 20 slides/visuals timed for 20 seconds each.  

Try it!! You will start with a long involved story and shave it down over and over again to fit the format.  The trick is to hit the points you wish to make without all the ums, ahs, and fluff that we put into our speech. Without all the long-winded circular explanations causing the audience to drift into thoughts of "blue, yeah, I'll paint the porch blue". 

How often we sit through mind-numbing meetings, listening to updates worthy of 3 sentences that take 35 minutes to spew out?  How often we talk for the sake of hearing our own voices drone on and on, not noticing that the audience is off in la la land?

Pecha Kucha is a tribute to the art of concise speaking.  I don't avocate changing our meeting formats to be 20 X 20's, but there are certainly points to be taken from the premise behind it. You would be amazed at how much you can say in a short time if you are prepared and aware of your story.  Try it, your meeting attendees with thank you.