As leaders we inspire others.  At least we hope to as we work hard to mentor, coach, engage, and lead others to success. 

Today I want to talk about the toll this can take when the work environment is one of corporate uncertainty and talk turns to "well, worst case scenario". These are times of peaks and valleys in any corporate world and  here we are leading our teams to be productive and engaged through it all.

How do I maintain inspiration and the ability to be inspiring within the sense of impending change and doom being broadcast that may or may not descend upon us like a sticky black cloud of goo?  

Oh yeah, I remember....I'm taking care of me and my dreams. Stepping away from the corporate laptop before opening it every day determines and defines me. A colleague commented recently "I hope there is no cell service there so I can relax".  Turn it off!  Take some control of you.  Blocking off calendar time. Personal development and personal enrichment. A couple of events that I do for me;

PechaKucha 20x20 - a very fun event that I participate in with a local group.  Welcoming, friendly, and personally inspiring. Have a look at my recent fun with it talking about corporate travel:

Willamette Writer's Conference - The event was fantastic! So much inspirational sharing, learning, encouragement! No boundaries - just inspiration and dreams galore. 

These two events are examples of what I do for my inspiration.  Oh yeah!  And it transpires to my teams as I am "doing" in order to follow my dreams.  

Find the stories and the magic in our today through taking care of ourselves, our hearts, souls and inspirations and it will build our tomorrows into something positive for our teams and ourselves. Calm down.