There is virtually a plethora of personality leadership assessment tools out there in the market today.The results of which are uncanny in their accuracy as if the crystal ball is showing our very core. The essence of us. 

Like looking through the seed catalogue planning for the colors in your spring garden, we can sort through tools to help find the type of leaders and teams we want. 

A few years ago I planned a designer garden of all blue flowers.  With the first blooms it was strikingly beautiful, but as the summer wore on something was missing.  It lacked definition and even any surprise. I looked at it thinking that a few splashes of brilliant orange, an opposite but also complementary color would have been spectacular. 

We understand best what we know, and our comfort is there. We like what we do and how we do it.  But we need to use caution in branding ourselves with our assessment results, "I am Blue, I am Red", and so on. 

The usefulness of the information assessments provide is diminished if it becomes a tool to craft a garden of colleagues all of one color to match ourself.



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