As I was doing my hair the other morning and I picked up my favorite styling spray I noticed that the bottle was over half empty.  My first thought was, I'll save the rest for good and use a less costly, less effective product that I have for now. My hair won't be it's best, but.....

It was a bit on an "ah ha" moment as I said to myself "why isn't today good? why don't I want to look my best, feel my best today? What am I saving it for?" And I used the good stuff after all. 

I wonder how often we show up as leaders saving it for good.  By this I mean keeping the best most effective "us" for good, for the super leadership meetings, for the big brass visits, giving less when we can be giving our best.   

The question here; are you saving it for good, or using it for good? 



08/24/2016 3:35pm

Nice idea. We all want to have the best hairstyle and it is good to use for good. There are many people who think like this and I like your idea.


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