Every six months or so I take a few minutes and scroll through my outlook calendar and throw  random events in that simply say "Say Thank You".

Not that I don't do it anyway, but in case I forget.  In case the nights of waking up at 3 am with project worries, or the Sunday night prior to Monday morning anxiety hits.  In case my life gets too big, crazy, sad, mean or mad.

I have a great employee who is one of the demographic of retirees returning to the workforce because wondering what to do after the third cup of coffee every day wasn't for him quite yet. He brought a wealth of professional experience to my team. And I understand him; we are in the same demographic.

He said to me one day, "you know, Tony in Dispatch said thank you to me.  He thanked me for the work I do."  He said "that meant a lot to me that he cared about what I do."

The power of that conversation is not so much to remind me to say thank you -  because people  deserve it -  because it's an employee engagement thing -  because it's the polite thing to do.

The power is that for Thank You to be genuine, one must be thankful. The required introspection that expressing genuine thankfulness and gratitude is the best kind of empowerment. 

It's not penciled in, it's inked in my calendar.

BTW, I thanked Tony.



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