Just me and my rental car in a lazy journey through eastern Oregon.  Stopping to wade in the Dechutes river to cool off, then on my way thankful for the car's cool air blasting through the vents. 

My team is feeling the heat  - the pressure of being on the forefront of building a new business.  New service levels to meet, new process, new performance management paramenters to work within. A lot of heat! 

My role as leader is to provide the cool air by way of clear expectations and process to empower them to succeed.  To provide the cool wading pools and rivers of support in working through the heat.  To watch for signs of heatstroke and make sure my team is well hydrated with all the knowledge and skills they need. 

As a team we can check the weather forecast and make it through the heat waves and into the next season of working towards a sustainable operation.  But first - need to make it through this heat without a meltdown. 



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