How often we hire a gem.  A new employee we talk about as a diamond in the rough. Oh, the wonders!  We are so darned excited about the potential and the future that the light reflecting off the offer letter and acceptance signature is blinding. 
Then reality hits and we put that sparkling new hire out to work to help plug the hole in the dam. Put your thumb in here for just a little while, one foot in front of the other in an attempt to meet operational requirements. The little while becomes longer and longer and your sparkling new hire becomes dulled with both of you ending up in a holding pattern. Today it's working. Tomorrow? Oh yeah, tomorrow.   

As leaders, and as an organization, we have the responsibility to make a plan. Not simply to fill up our shelf to get us through in times of need, but to sustain us through and build for the future. To build our people for our future.   

Freeze dried food is potential.  Add our life giving water in the form of training, empowerment and growth to our employees and it becomes nourishment.  Nourishment to the organization in the form of succession planning and building a future. Even freeze dried food has an expiry date.  Don't waste it. 



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