Taking my laptop into the self described computer nerd to talk about my dead battery and the popups. 

The battery, easy...don't leave the thing plugged in continually like it's a desktop. A lesson about batteries.  Fair enough. I knew that but forgot.

The he asks me, "so do you read anything before you download it? Like the fine print or do you jump to it and accept and push the black "next, accept, continue"  button?"  Fair enough, got me again.  Thus the popups aka viruses. 

A lesson, a timely reminder that in amongst the blah, blah, blah of every day there is the opportunity and the responsibility to take the time to read and learn the fine print words, the conditions, the deal, before we rush to push the black next button and set wheels in motion that may just be the ones with a virus that ultimately destroys what we have built. And in case I forget, he wrote it out for me. 

Thanks, friendly computer nerd.



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