It's our intrinsic nature to hang on to things - after all, we work hard for our things. Things we acquire, things we have worked for and things that have happened to us. 
 This can be a a good thing; after all our survival depends on building our safe secure world and clutching our swords to our chests in an effort to protect ourselves. 

The problem is when we become so overloaded with the things we are hanging on to that we can barely trudge forward  putting one step in front of the other.

Hanging on to jobs that you hate, grievances that have long since been settled (not always to your liking), things that drain the life out of you but have become your cause celebre and the manifest you show to the world. 

The parking meter is empty.  You have a couple choices here; plug more money into the meter and keep working on your grievances, your job, your cause, or recognize that this is done and it's time to move on.  Change involves choice.  It's yours to make. 



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