But what if it is? What if there comes to be a shattering of glass, a failure, a tear in the fabric of your team? The reality is that this happens despite all best intentions, cohesiveness and respect.  After all, we are human. 

1.       What kind of glue do you need to put it back together?  This is the time to assess whether the break came about because of miscommunication, misinterpretation, maliciousness, accident.

2.       Was there a flaw to begin with? A weak weld, shoddy planning and workmanship in your leadership model?

3.       Do you need to rebuild/repair with new and stronger materials – more training, new mentoring relationship, change of scene – location, team?

4.       Is it worth fixing? Is it obsolete? Do you need to regroup, gather your resilient inner self and move on?

Take a look at what broke, what went wrong and ask yourself the hard questions about the situation you find yourself in. Self awareness is a wonderful and sometimes painful thing we as leaders feel the highs and lows of continuing to build our skills.  

Share what is going on with your team and seek input for repairs, get some expert help – this is not necessarily a do it-yourself project to make the repairs. Make a plan. Then go to work on it knowing that it will never be as it was, repairs don’t work that way.  But it can be built much stronger with the right glue. 



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