Every few years my leadership group takes part in a communication retreat.  At the retreat, we  kind of start over from square one and talk about communication, the art and the science of it.  And then we practice, and practice more.

We practice the connectivity that is critical to the messages we send and receive.  Connectivity that forms the personality, the tone, the impact and the relationship between us as leaders and those whom we lead.

My training in Statement Analysis gives me the background to, as my Professor would say “ put it in a box and color it blue”  in order to see the why – the because – the so, of what someone is writing.  From there, to open the dialogue and delve into the meaning of the writer’s words.

As our networks expand and we work in an ever changing technological and virtual environment more and more, we still find ourselves failing in communication  because we are human.  We interpret, and misinterpret even with good intentions of flavoring our words with personality and humor, emoticons.  Then messages fly back and forth based on assumptions – what we assume the writer meant.  

As leaders, our communication to our teams needs to be based on trust and respect and be crafted with clarity and purpose.  Ambiguity is the virtue of uncertainty and uncertainty from leadership breeds everything from frustration to lack of productivity and engagement.  

I try very hard to be aware of the words put in a box and colored blue and communicate so it’s clear what those words mean to me and my team.  



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