Self awareness - well it reminds me of a short one hour commuter flight I was on recently.  Seated in the row behind and across from me was a large man in grey slacks, purple dress shirt, dress shoes and a black ball cap with white sunglasses riding the brim in an affectation of coolness. 

 He was a loud talker, the kind who needs to talk to everyone around him as I heard him tell anyone who would listen that he was on his way to an important, oh so important, meeting with the organizing committee of a large event.  He proceeded to engage fellow passengers in conversation or I should say talking at them about his importance.

As we reached cruising altitude, he became argumentative with the flight attendant demanding to sit elsewhere, to sit with a woman he obviously knew closer to the front of the plane, and a few other issues that I put my earphones in to avoid hearing. 

 I became aware that he was getting more and more agitated and demanding more attention as he undid his seatbelt and stood up.  He then barged, not walked, but kind of plowed his way up the narrow aisle between the seats towards the front of the plane (which I admit alarmed me some) and slammed his way into the bathroom.  Returning to his seat moments later continuing to squawk and complain with a lot of issues that the flight attendants handled calmly and professionally.  I never did know what his complaints were about, but all of us on the plane knew he certainly had them.

So what did he accomplish? Everything from anger to fear to disgust from fellow passengers and professionally contained contempt from those who through their work were called on to respond to his diatribes of importance.  “I’m late; I’m late to a very important date!”

Stepping in to a new team, we come with the appropriate costume - the look, as in the dress clothes that provide first impression, the uniform of the day.  We come with our ideas, our experience, our mandate and our sense of duty.

 With a new venture comes excitement and apprehension that with self awareness and solid self orientation morphs into confidence in our abilities and skills.  Bring this into the new venture, the new team, the new meeting and leave the insecurities and overblown self importance with the buffoon on the plane.  Yeah, don’t be that guy. 



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