Happy New Year with a desk calendar of origami projects to make out of the colored calendar pages.  This is exciting as I begin in January with simple yet progressively more difficult projects.  I line up on my growing collection of birds, and somewhat crumply looking animals in my office and share my exploits with colleagues.  “Here’s a swan for you!”

As springtime comes around, I am sharing my frustration and challenges with colleagues who sometimes refold my creatures into the desired shapes.  My determination to stay with the origami -a -day project tests my resolve and skills.

As part of a team building a new business, I start out with the small triumphs lined up like trophies of metrics and service levels.  Soon I am challenged with equipment failures, staffing and recruitment and personnel changes.  Leadership changes in direction cascading to changes in everything from expectations to process and procedure.  So, how to handle this?

Back to my origami – in order to succeed I needed to reach out to others for help in interpreting and completing the projects to build on my foundation of short calendar directions, which I did.  In my business team, I needed to reach out to colleagues to have a strong foundation of problem solving, which I did.

Origami, or service levels – it is imperative that as leaders we know when to collaborate in order to move forward with the knowledge and skills to not only problem solve, but to succeed in reaching goals.

Here’s a swan for you........ 



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