Ok, first of all, let me say that change, difference, a shake-up – well, it’s all good. It can be invigorating in working with your team.  But too often in an attempt to be a resilient changing leader we end up bouncing around like balls in a bingo machine with our team hoping a ball will finally drop so they know what to expect today.

  1. Some days it’s all about gratitude – big group hug – butterflies and bluebirds
  2. Some days it’s all about performance management – do it now! Comply! Confirm!
  3. Some days it’s all about building – let’s solution this together, input welcome
  4. Some days it’s all about – the unexpected – the difficult conversations that shake everyone up
  5. Some days it’s all of the above and more, and that’s where the team spins around in confusion. 

Remember when as a kid you had the empty cup and stood in front of the pop machine? The decisions! So often in an attempt to be cool, we mixed a bit of everything and we called it a “graveyard”. Yeah, turned out to be a kind of brown- orange icky colored drink that didn’t taste very good but we certainly didn’t admit to that.  We tasted it all!  We were doing it all! Yippee!  

It’s admirable for leaders to embrace learning and practice new and changing  concepts but in order to earn and keep respect; leaders must above all be consistent.  Your team deserves and expects consistency in the responsiveness you provide.

Lack of confidence creeps in when leaders appear to be indecisive or haphazard in their approach. When trying out the flavor of the day, the week or the month on their team without a consistent foundation of practice and response.  In other words, teams look to leaders to lead, and if a leader is mixing a “graveyard” every time you pick up a new  empty cup, the team will go looking for something more palatable to drink.

 Ensure you know what flavor works best for you before you start hitting all the buttons and mix your styles with care to build the best combination of flavors and styles for you and your team.



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