Last week in a kind of state of the union conversation where it was easier to focus on the challenges and pitfalls of the past year than the road ahead, one of my leaders said “I need you to trust me”.  Not a question, not a demand, a statement of necessity, of need for the operation.

I thought about it - what this trust thing means;

1.       Do I believe in the commitment, vision and values of my leader in order to trust the direction we are headed?

2.       Do I trust my leader to “walk the talk” and show competence in the job at hand.  Does he/she demonstrate, teach and understand the knowledge, skills and abilities we need to produce results?

3.       Do I trust my leader to be consistent in actions, promises, decisions? Trust is easily broken when decisions change with the direction of the wind.

4.       Do my values align with those of my leader and allow me to stand proud in the team as we collaboratively grow?

5.       Am I worthy of earning the trust of my leaders and colleagues?  (Because it’s not a one sided transaction.)

Ask yourself the questions from the perspective of your team members.  Are you someone who leads with trust? Can you provide the consistence and competence that trust requires?

Trust is a commitment;   a transaction, and is a belief in the reliability and strength of a leader. It’s an honour to be trusted, and it is liberating to trust. Working as a successful team, it is essential that trust is shared as a foundation to empower everyone to work together creating, building and fixing. I appreciated the sharing of trust in that meeting. 



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