It’s not a project or anything out of the ordinary. It’s stepping outside of the virtual connection, outside of the conference call, outside of the email and spending some face to face time with the people who look to me for leadership.  And for me , this means spending some windshield time.

This is a part of my work that I love.  The journey, more than getting from A to B provides time to reflect and appreciate and find delight in what I see and where I am.  And I make a point of appreciating everything from the wondrous blue sky to the welcome from not only my teams but the coffee that shows up on my desk  to say hello from the client in my locations.

It’s a time to have holiday lunches and talk about the past year; what went well, where the challenges are, and how I want to move forward into our next year.

·         Building and empowering my team for success

·          Sharing ongoing vision and goals as a team

·         Being  a trustful and mindful leader

·         Being able to say “that ended well”.......priceless

Things happen in our teams and it’s our job as the leader to be somewhat clairvoyant and be prepared. We need to anticipate and plan in order to drive for success and part of this is meeting with my team and talking and thinking together, and planning together, and then committing to our plans. The process is exciting and my role is to keep it real and workable.  And to anticipate the challenges.

With only 200 kilometers to go before home, the driving conditions became extremely dangerous with compact ice and freezing rain in the mountain pass. Losing control of my vehicle on the ice, I experienced the fear of where I would end up – the slide on the ice dance that skips and jerks, slides and stops like a faulty CD song. Spinning 180 degrees, ending up in the ditch on the opposite side of the road, I stop and breathe.  As I climbed out of my vehicle, the trucker who stopped to help me looked at me and said “well, that ended well”.  Priceless.

We encounter ditches, challenging situations (AKA freezing rain) and yet we manage to say “that ended well” and look to the next adventure.  It’s called being the leader.  



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