As I sat in a restaurant last week munching away on lettuce wraps, I was thinking about why we like these simple little things so much.  Well, probably because they are not actually as simple as the look.  Might look like some kind of meat and shredded veggies but the magic comes about because of the subtle flavors that are infused with each ingredient.  In fact, the simple little lettuce wrap is ingredient driven for specific flavors, and technique driven with precise amounts and process.  Sounds complicated?  It is.  In order to do it right.

As I meet with the members of the team I lead, I am struck with how the different personalities and backgrounds give flavor and difference combined with the common goal and vision to put it together making it work.  Chef or leader, it is my responsibility to very carefully ensure the flavors of my team fuse to form a cohesive group, with no one flavor overpowering to the determent of others.  To continue to shift and build on the basic recipe of headcount to get that “wow!  this really works, I want more,  factor”.

Of course,  there is the option of the lettuce sandwich if you are not so adventurous a leader to put the work into fusing flavors  - to dice, mince, cook and spice to build lettuce wraps. To carefully select and nuture team members.  Lettuce and bread, the lettuce sandwich. The bare minimum, no extras, disappointing in its mundane performance of meeting but not exceeding.

Like building your team, as the leader you have the opportunity to infuse your team with the right people, skills, abilities and knowledge to show up to your organization as a  secret sauce recipe for success, or a lettuce sandwich.  Decide..... put your checkered chef pants on and get to work.



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