It happens.  Life isn’t all unicorns pooping rainbows.  While we strive to deliver results through vision, alignment and engagement, there are times when we find ourselves struggling with disengagement within our ranks. The common mistake is to accuse and alienate the disengaged, further perpetuating the problem. 

The fix is to recognize that you as the leader are accountable for engagement and need to identify the cause of the struggle, assess what can be done to rectify it and manage by facilitating steps to rebuild engagement. 

 And why do we care so much about this? Engagement is right up there with the motivation that keeps us wanting to contribute to our organizations. Engagement is what builds strong cohesive teams that will produce results and be able to face challenge head-on.  An engaged team is a resilient team because the individuals feel secure in the foundation of the team synergy and goals.

There is a ton of information on motivation and what engages people to want to deliver results and be happy doing so.  In his book “Drive”, Daniel Pink gives us three motives that engage us as employees and leaders alike.

1.       Purpose – the desire to contribute to a cause  - driven by intentional connection to the core           ideology of the organization

2.       Autonomy – the desire for freedom over task, time, team and methodology

3.       Value Proposition – the personal sense of adding worth to the organization

Now comes the coaching for engagement part.  Leader behaviours and coaching are an intricate part of providing the sphere of these three motives to engage our team members.  Coaching is not punitive and accusatory, coaching is building. In order to coach for an engagement, you need to empower your team with the motivation to feel valued and pride in achieving results for the team and the organization. 

So stop being angry and mad at disengagement. Stop looking at the disengaged as failures and be accountable for the challenge of building engagement. It will get you results.



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