I need to talk to you.......I was chit chatting with......this is what I think.......here’s how to do it.......this is what we want........rah, rah, rah, I love the sound of my own voice.  We all fall into this trap and we sometimes need to tape over the talking part of us, and listen.  Just listen.

I want to take a step away from active listening supervisor 101 and talk about some quality listening as a leader. We are in such a hurry to communicate, text, email, phone call, live meeting, and on and on and on.  And we learn to communicate effectively in all the mediums we have access to, often to the determent of plain old listening.  Nothing can top being a good listener.

Effective coaching is about listening. Effective team meetings are about listening. Effective 1:1s are about listening. Listening means it’s not all about you.  Listening is the focus on others.

·         Listening is seeing the world from someone else’s perspective

·         Listening is hearing the space between the words

·         Listening is hearing what you want me to know that I haven’t heard yet

·         The quality of listening is what weaves non-verbal cues into statements

·         Listening shows you  opportunities and builds trust

When we spend time listening we are able to also build credibility in confrontation.  How often do we shut down immediately and form our defense before we hear what is actually being said?

A quick refresher to remind us to be quiet and listen.  It will serve us well.



Tanya parent
01/12/2015 3:55pm

With the world of technology quickly taking over we are forgetting this basic skill. We need to stop trying to develop more/ better/ faster ways to communicate and start just listening to each other


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