A few weeks ago I had one of those “ah ha!” moments as I listened to Gifford Pinchot share an inspiring message with those of us at TedX Rainier. He told us about his HappoDammo Ratio in shaping our world and how we choose to sustain it.  

HappoDammo Ratio= happiness created by an activity
                              damage created by that activity

(to do him justice and learn more about the HappoDammo Ratio, please check out www.pinchot.com, the Pinchot Perspective)

Another ratio we all know about (although maybe not the intricacies of how it works) is the Golden Ratio that we associate with the nautilus shell, so aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  The proportions, patterns, things that make us feel stable, the status quo.  Things we don’t want to mess up, kind of like keeping it all in the mean, workable and comfortable and familiar.  Like our leadership team. Workable, comfortable and familiar.

So, what happens when you make decisions to change the status quo? A ratio is a quantitative relation between things, a way of gauging reaction and effect.  The HappoDammo Ratio if applied to the leadership decision paradigm, the changes you make within your team, will provide you with valuable information before you make a decision that will throw your team off the level, too far one way or the other.  Too much happiness or too much damage.

This is where the leadership decision making process gets heavy and your shoulders broad.  Still, it’s your decision in how you manage the ratio with your resources; your accountability and credibility in maintaining a sustainable working leadership team.  Transformation is part of growth and to keep it all in check, we need to remember that our actions cause reactions, some planned, some maybe not. Check the ratio of happiness / damage before you use your power to engineer either.



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