I follow some individuals whom I consider to be influencers; those who with their ideas and opinions are able to compel me to inspiration, to transform, grow and change.

As an influencer, my role is not to impose change, but to invite transformation and the discovery of those “ah ha” moments in my team members by providing the guide of thoughtful reflection and destination. We are creations of our words, thoughts and actions and are constantly open to the influence of others. 

In order to positively influence change the ground work or foundation needs to be defined.  Ask some questions.  What’s working for our team?  What are we doing that is making us successful? How could we get better at....and how? Looking around from our team winner's circle, what next? Then inspire transformation into greater than we currently are by sharing vision and thought.

Influencing is the ability to take what is present and inspire some fantastic change if done right, taking ideas and creativity to your team. 

The power of influencing transformation is a gift. 



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