The importance of the team huddle, the sharing of how the play is to be run is something we have recognized not only in sports (Go Seahawks!) but in our corporate worlds as well. 

It’s not a discussion forum, it’s about the leader coach sending in the direction or play, the manager / quarterback reiterates it, the team hears the play and scatters to make it happen with a clap or a team cheer demonstrating unity.

The huddle is necessary to share vision and provide direction to reach the goal.  Within the huddle, roles are defined and responsibility made clear, and it is an opportunity for team members to share success and challenges.  Corporate huddle time can be used to recognize and engage the team, but too often we fall into the trap of talking at the team instead of talking with the team through effective communication. 

1.       Make huddles part of your culture with regularity

2.       Preparation is essential to ensure your message is clear – what is the purpose, the direction, the play your team needs to make to be successful  

3.       Keep it interesting – don’t sacrifice spontaneity for the ease of regurgitating  information the team can find elsewhere - watch out for the signs it is turning into a template for just another staff meeting

4.       Share the huddle floor with your leadership team – there are many coaches in an effective team  

5.       Send your team away from the huddle engaged. It‘s all about unity in action!

The environment of the huddle is important in order to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness, and in this world of telecommunication and media sources, the opportunities are endless.  Be innovative and keep your huddles fresh with guest speakers and topics that help grow and support the vision – the team play.

Remember that huddles are all about reinforcing shared values, culture and goals.  Have fun and build your huddles!  Go Seahawks! 



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