This is a photo of Jasmine soaking up some late fall sun with her sharp- eared shadow. In asking a class of future leaders to caption this photo, I heard everything from “wolf dog” to “bat dog” to “quiet fearsome”  to “aloof in the sun”. One caption was “I can’t hear you”.

This was all based on perception of Jasmine and her shadow and perhaps the students' past experience with dogs.  All the factors that lead us to make decisions based on information at hand. 

I asked them now to think about what kind of leadership shadow they wanted to have and the importance of recognizing how others see you and your shadow. The shadow you leave as you walk away from any situation, conversation, or incident.

The point is, nearly all of them gave attributes of some sort of assertiveness to Jasmine because of her pointy, alert ears.  Had her ears been folded down, it may have been a different story. It was the shadow she cast at that time and moment lending to judgements, prejudice, and opinions.

Be aware of the shadow you cast with your actions and words.  Shadows follow us around are and open to interpretation.

The reality is that Jasmine is a lurcher, very, very timid and somewhat of a cat-dog.  Very quiet and shy. And she casts a cool shadow.    



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