This is a reminder to stop and acknowledge the success of your team before you move on to the next challenge in never ending task list. 

It is a great opportunity to build your personal leadership brand (the way others perceive, thank and feel about you as a leader), and inspire your team on to even greater success. Tie this in with the corporate vision of celebrating success and you create a strong image and reputation for not only driving for success, but celebrating the wins it brings to the company. 

10 reasons to celebrate wins:
  1.        Reminds you of the goal and the rationale behind it
  2.        Reminds you that the process to achieve goals works
  3.        Provides motivation to continue to deliver results
  4.        Unifies the team around the success and positive outcome
  5.        Reminds your team that they are working for a “cool” winning organization
  6.        Reminds you of the opportunity to focus on positive rather than negative
  7.        Builds momentum
  8.        Takes a step away from the daily grind with a “high five”
  9.       Allows a positive connection with team and colleagues
  10.       Allows recognition and reward for group and individuals

Don’t underestimate the profound effect of a “well done!” or a “you rock!” in building your leadership brand and the motivation that this recognition brings to your team.  You might be wearing the gun belt that shows the notches of success that the organization sees, but you didn’t get it without the hard work of your team.  



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