Are you a placeholder keeping the chair warm until either a) you find something better, or b) they find someone better, c) your work is done, or d) some/all of the above?

The placeholder position can be one of positivity and growth for both you and the team.  At first glance you might say, nah, not so much. But the position is a reality, so embrace it.

Consider this; as an emotionally intelligent leader, the placeholder position offers you the opportunity to increase the elements in your life that will contribute to your well being, your own growth and  happiness and that of your team. 
  1. The emotion. Practice positive emotion - your dreams, your enthusiasm and finding the good. It's there.
  2. The engagement. Be engaged.  True engagement comes from factors of trust and respect in what you are doing. If those elements are there, it is easy to be engaged. 
  3. The relationships. Build positive relationships.  Building relationships involves strong foundations and  shared visions.
  4. The meaning.  We all want to feel that there is meaning to us, to what we do.  The value.  Acknowledge the value you bring. Acknowledge the value the team brings to you. 
  5. The accomplishments.  Allow yourself to shine. You have accomplished much.  Use those accomplishments to build future plans and actions moving forward. Share the shine with your team.  Accomplishments are intricate little critters dependent on more than just you. 

As organizations flex and bend there are placeholder positions created or identified.  The  position is there as we succession plan and mentor to build the organization, just as it is with building our strengths and talents moving us forward into new adventures. 

Remember, the placeholder position is flexible, moveable, transient.  Some individuals make a career of holding the placeholder position and enabling the sand to level with the tides and then moving on to the next challenge. Bring the emotionally intelligent elements to the placeholder position that will build success for everyone. Have some fun with it, too. Kind of like a game of musical chairs. 



05/18/2016 1:41pm

The leader is always having the very great values for those who are under him or her. They are watching the behaviors of their leaders from presence to hidden. They also know that what the conditions of our leader are.


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