Celebrating International Women's Day this past week -

1) Sitting in the back seat on the way to dinner when I hear one of the two guys in the front  say "yeah, like a 65 year old grandma........er.......a....... 75 year old .........

What made this "that awkward moment" are the dynamics that have been at play with the characters, the incredible pause, then clarification in acknowledgement of the derogatory comment it was initially meant to be. For clarity, I am not a 65 year old grandma, but close to it, and proud of it. But it didn't feel like a good moment. 
2) At an event celebrating International Women's Day, I met an amazing woman. She used to be a man. She shared some of the colours she has seen through the prisms of her journey and with a wicked sense of humour, some insight into leadership challenges she has faced. It did feel like a good moment. 

Yes, "we have come a long way, baby" in some ways, and we still have miles to go to appreciate and respect the women we are and the women in our lives. To not be known for our bra size, or the birthdate on our driver's license, or the deeper voice than expected, but for who we are and what we bring in the moment to the tables we are at.  After all, isn't that all any of us want - a few good moments?  



Insensitive guy in front
03/13/2015 5:59pm

Equal as awkward for the person that said it and realized at that moment that as he moves along in life, he needs to adjust his thought processes, similar to the way the second moment had a profound affect on those same thought processes. Always like to learn, even when it is embarrassed learning.

05/24/2016 1:26am

The woman international day will be celebrating in all over the world. This day will give us the awareness of the woman rights as well. We should give respect to the woman. We have to express the woman through our activity. It will to much compulsory for everyone.


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