I have a colleague and good friend who is inspiring with his contagious enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for life built on his choice to look at the positive.  He is a great leader of his teams. 

We had a reconnection phone call yesterday to catch up on our adventures in the past year and to make some plans to share our leadership motivational excitement with others. If nothing else, we take great delight in planning and dreaming, and there is some therapeutic value in that alone. 

We talked about challenges and setbacks, failures and successes. We talked about the grounding effect of having solid plans and bouncing back, getting up when you fall or when others inadvertently trip you. 

And he said "Yes, it is a new season, time to push the reset button on some subjects, and other things need the refresh button pushed.  That is where wisdom comes in knowing which buttons to push."

Thanks, Glen



Glen Welsh
04/26/2015 8:14pm

This is a wonderful development when people who decide to win in life and by that I don't mean monetarily. But surround yourself with people that have a message that will be challenging that will open us up to be creative and move forward even if it is falling forward. I have a saying that I stole from Dave Ramsey " I'm doing better than I deserve " and thanks to friends like Susan that challenge us not to stand still.

10/06/2015 7:49am

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