A colleague of mine used to look at me when I asked a question on the periphery of the topic and say "what's the matter, Blondie, see a shiny thing?" 

As a matter of fact, yes.  Yes, I looked outside of the problem, issue, topic and found a shiny thing.  I found an idea, a suggestion, a distraction from the circular thinking we were trapped within. 

Those shiny thing moments can bring about harmful distraction, but can also open our eyes to innovation. It's all about the focus.

I love sending the "shiny things" proposals to my leader with a hey, take a look at this idea, this solution, this business case. Having a leader who understands that ideas and discussion  -  shiny things can help us build success to grow our business, and being empowered to appreciate and share shiny things I see......priceless.



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