I had a reality check this week; the kind that makes you sit back and say "yeah, I get it - I got it". 

It all started with communication and tentatively finding some common ground in the stepping stones to building a collaborative work relationship.  We shared some of what defines us outside of the work cubicle.

So often our dreams include the hurrying up and getting out of here - the looking for the next big thing  that all too often colors our here-and-now with discontent. 

My colleague shared with me his dream of coming to Canada. And he shared some of the challenges to be faced as an immigrant in a new country.  A lot of the challenges. And he said "it's all about living the dream,  and I am living my dream. I am here." 

And here is where we talk about perspective. I loved the perspective my colleague has in saying he is living his dream right now. What really are your dreams? Are you so sure they are over the horizon in the far off future, the  "when I get this, when I get that, when I achieve??"  Maybe we are really living the stages of our dreams right now.  

 Happy living your dreams. And thanks, Noel. 



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