I will do this, and I will do that and I, I, I........and yes, you are building a one man band when you exclude, marginalize and discount your team by promoting this kind of leadership into the team dynamics.

It is all well and good to mentor your stars and set them up for success, but by allowing them to take all the action, make all the noise and delegating the other team members to sit on the sidewalk and wave as the parade goes by......well, then you end up with a very small parade when you get to the end.

When opportunities, information, discussion and mentorship are all funnelled into building a one man band member to lead your team; when you force the others to sit back and applaud even when the music is discordant, the results you will get from your team will be like noise skipping on a scratched record - missing the parts that hold the song together. 

5 things wrong with the one man band type leader:

  1. You set yourself up to be deaf to what others are saying over the noise you are making.
  2. You end up missing valuable ideas and contributions as you set yourself up to "do it all and take the lead".
  3. Collaborative team dynamics suffer greatly as the one man band leader is not a sustainable.  Anyone who has every played in an orchestra or band knows that the music flows between sections or instruments.  No single player makes a symphony. Much like a one man band in your team does not make a team.
  4. Disengagement of other team members is going to happen, particularly when there are others in the team who embrace collaborative team dynamics. When members of your team are encouraged/ directed to sit on the curb and wave at the one man band, they will wander off to be engaged elsewhere. To find a parade they can join in. 
  5. You are missing the opportunity to be a conductor - to bring all parts of the team together to work towards common goals. 



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