I've been away from here for awhile writing.  Milestones along the way are the finished short stories and chapters. Reaching these milestones is painful.  Sometimes gut wrenchingly painful. 

I call it the edit that never ends as I work with on a  story of 2340 words that have endless possibility.  The possibility to fear,hurt, uplift, motivate, and feel. To allow the reader to experience the very essence of my story. 

The edit is brutal and can be crushing.  After all, a ton of work has gone into this piece of work that has significant meaning to me. Crushing, but also rewarding to find the right words and phrases to have others "get" what my message is.

The dreaded letter of expectations that we so carefully craft for our employees in order to correct, change, re-build and ensure compliance is another story that should be crafted with more than a cursory edit. The object of a letter of expectations should NOT be to punish  the employee, tear them apart emotionally, and force them into a position of submission.  There are other steps for that. The letter of expectations should be clear, the writer should edit away the confusion and use clear identification of issues, assessment of issues and management of those issues.  

Like the 2340 words I am using to craft my story, the words and meanings of a letter of expectation need to be clear.  Letters of expectation are powerful tools and can get results if used in a constructive way, but if it is read as an "I just don't like you and want you to go away" message, you may want to edit your work. And edit it again. Make sure the message the reader gets is what you are truly trying to say.



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