I got the most delightful gift this week from a team member!  It is a Poo Pig - a pig made out of poo and clay.  What makes it amazing (besides the poo humor that turns us all into giggling 9 year olds), is the card that he sent with the pig.

He wrote that he thought I could use a reminder that we all poo - we all step in poo from time to time, and we all sometimes feel mired in poo or nasty situations. He told me to remember the good thing about poo is that it's fertilizer. 

In fact, the directions on my Poo Pig's tag tell me to put him in the garden where he will nourish my plants for two years. 

This reminded me of a team I was involved with where the leader was given an award of an engraved hockey puck.  As he showed it to us, he started a tradition he called pass the puck where each meeting the puck would be awarded to a team member in recognition of something positive. The recipient kept the puck until the next meeting where it would be passed along. Such a simple little thing and yet it built team strength and recognition. It was also fun.

I propose that in addition to passing the puck for positive recognition, we should be cognizant of team dynamics and pass the Poo Pig in times of challenge.  Just an idea......

5 things about passing on the Poo Pig to build team strength
  1. Poo Pigs acknowledge that sometimes poo happens - we are human 
  2. Poo Pigs allow empathy rather than exclusion
  3. Poo Pigs can fertilize team strength to build a stronger more productive team 
  4. Poo Pigs can be shared to open dialogue and should be passed around as needed 
  5. Poo Pigs are funny and we all need to smile and laugh 

Thanks, my friend for the wonderful gift.  I intend to pass it on! 



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