And.........here we are faced with challenging, stressful and ever changing situations. How do you pay attention to the present moment, understand your feelings and emotions and keep them from running roughshod over you? 

Being mindful helps you to be aware of your situation and of your impact on other people by your presence and actions.  Too often we become mired in "our" situation overlooking the effect this is having on our teams.  The push and pull of what you feel and want can pull you away from the very values your leadership brings to the team.  

Being mindful is a way of transformation for yourself and can be inspiring to others.  When you take the time and practice slowing down to focus - put the distractions and competitions aside, you will be better equipped to make complex decisions. 

  • Be fully present. As a leader it is obvious when you show up to be fully present for your team as opposed to showing up only because "you have to talk to them - it's on your calendar". It happens too often and creates a slope of disengagement that takes some real hiking to climb back up. 
  • Practice creativity. Creativity and inspiration go hand in hand and are contagious.  What brings out your creativity?  A glass of wine and writing a presentation? 
  • Manage the distractions.  Daniel Goldman, the guru of Emotional Intelligence tells us that "one way to boost our will power and focus is to manage our distractions instead of letting them manage us".  
  • Center yourself.  Meditation - yoga - a long walk in the forest.  Calming yourself by centering yourself allows you to focus your attention and balance  a sense of well-being. This will bring clarity to your decisions and leadership. 
Mindfulness - the power of here and now.  Practice.  It's worth it. 



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