Last week I had a chat with a friend who knows a thing or two about boxing. 

We weren't talking about boxing. Nope, we were talking about the major changes in our corporate world with contracts ending, jobs changing, applications, interviews and severance. 

The turmoil just under the surface swirling around like a riptide is taking its toll on my colleagues as we lead our teams through the few months left before the pinwheel of opportunity stops spinning. And it's taking its toll on me.  

As I was talking about the frustrations, disappointments in people I respected, dreams, wishes, anger, plans and next steps..........and on and on and on...... my friend said in his deep, resonant, calm way " Sue, when you're faced with too many options all at once, you need to take a half-step back".  He went on to explain that when everything is so BIG, big, long, reaching steps away from the situation leave you exposed or out of position. That's why you don't take a full step back.

And then I learned another thing about boxing: Your stance and guard are your foundation for everything. Because of that, they are your confidence. Whenever you get out of position always look to get back to your stance before doing anything else.

So here's to half-steps. Good for boxing and staying in position to react when the bell of opportunity rings. 




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